To Love's Eternal Glory

To Love's Eternal Glory

Monday, August 31, 2015


Here's to taking pictures of things that can never be fully appreciated without experiencing them for yourself, because we can't help but try and capture beauty when we see it. Here's to camping at Zion's National Park and visiting the Grand Canyon. Here's to family visits, 6 month anniversaries, brand new babies and hiking the Narrows. This one is for all the moments in life that keep you from blogging about life. This one goes out to all the small, joyful minutes that keep you moving through the harder ones, to gaining new siblings, to making tiny croissants when you run out of dough. This blog post is not an exhibition of my writing skills or a demonstration of the deeper thoughts I have. It is simply the moments that made their way into phones and cameras across state borders, taken by sister and strangers alike in an effort to preserve life's precious moments so that they can become priceless memories.

The monkey we met at Bryce Canyon! The owner kept referring to the monkey as her 'non-human child' and comparing diaper sizes with Julia

Playing hide and seek (sort of)

Bryce Canyon is GORGEOUS

Ross helped Julia and Lester carry the babies as we hiked all the way down and all the way back up on the most INSANE switchbacks!!

The PUPPY BARN! in American Fork. 

We hiked up rock canyon and found a cave with a view

We went to visit some friends in St.George for 4th of July and it so stupid hot we drove up to Pine Valley for the day to escape the sun. We took maternity pictures of Whitney, played Settlers of Catan and had a delicious picnic of pork and nectarines mmmmm

I caught this picture as we drove to California. It was right after a rainstorm and the salt flats were covered in thin pools of water reflecting a piercing blue sky

Watching the sunset on Ocean Beach

The SF Zoo. Angry owls, Goliath spiders, wandering peacocks and soaking wet anteaters


Luke, deep in conversation with his intellectual equal

Cool kid Audrey

We found a twisty tree on our way to the Academy of Sciences

Making the most of a rainstorm dancing in Ross's front yard

Shenanigans at Ross's house

We went to a play with some of Ross's family at Sundance, the Wicked Witch of the West was actually really nice! Maybe Wicked is telling us the truth....

My cousin Stephanie's wedding was in a beautiful location and we all had an amazing time


My family. Minus one brother-in-law

Shenanigans in the backyard (we took turns shooting the BB gun at an old play kitchen)

We went to a lot of beautiful places this summer. The pictures in this post are evidence of that. I truthfully loved every location we went to. But I will always yearn for the Redwood trees of Muir Woods. It is full of magical memories for me that never dull or slip away. 

Isla's first birthday party!

The Sutro Baths

You can take the girl out of the ocean, but you can't take the ocean out of the girl

There's that croissant I was talking about!

There is a gallery in Park City that has the original sketches of Dr.Suess

These are the few pictures from our 6 month anniversary, we walked the galleries and boutiques beneath the ski slopes and had a lovely sushi dinner


Luke made it home uh...fine....

You can barely see but it rained and hailed while we were there!

The squirrels were fearless

We camped at Zion's National Park and one of the things we did was hike the Narrows

Drying our clothes after being in ice cold water for most of the day

This is a picture of one of the centerpieces at our wedding, We chose a different quote for each table and Ross wrote this one himself. It rings very true for me today as I look over our many memories. Ross and I share the same priorities, we look in the same direction. He puts me first and vice versa, we spend our time on family and faith, we spend our money on things we need including gas to get places, sturdy shoes to vacation in nature and plenty of chocolate ice cream. So here's to a picture dump blog post because our happiness is too great to hide. Here's to fluffy puppies, rain at the Grand Canyon and sunsets over the sea. Here's to nieces in the woods and on the beach, holding hands and playing in the rain.

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  1. LOVE IT! What an amazing first year you all have had. Here's hoping that next year, and all the ones after that will be just as wonderful - whether you are off on an adventure or sitting in matching rocking chairs with afghans pulled around your shoulders.